Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daftar Penyaji dari BATAN pada ICANSE 2013 di Bali

Jumlah makalah dari BATAN pada ajang ICANSE 2013 adalah 14 makalah yang berasal dari unit kerja sbb :
  1. PTNBR : 2 makalah
  2. PPIN : 6 makalah
  3. PTBN : 1 makalah
  4. PTBIN : 3 makalah
  5. PPEB : 2 makalah
Adapun penyaji selengkapnya adalah sbb :
  1. Ketut Kamajaya (PTNBR), "The Empirical Correlations for Forced Convection Heat Transfer of Water-Zro2 Nanofluid on Vertical Sub-Channel"
  2. Sudjatmi Kustituantini Alfa (PTNBR), "Effect of Increasing Concentrations of ZrO2 Particles in Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Water-ZrO2 Nanofluid on Vertical Sub-Channel" 
  3. Elfrida Saragi (PPIN), "Development of Code for 2-D Distribution Analysis of Asymmetric Element Linier Temperature Transient Using Finite Element Method"
  4. Mike Susmikanti (PPIN), "Parallel Computation Safety Analysis Irradiation Targets Fission FPM in Neutronic Aspect Using SOR Algorithm"
  5. Khairina Natsir (PPIN), "Interface design of VSOP'94 Computer Code for Safety Analysis"
  6. Entin Hartini (PPIN), "Development Code for Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Input on the MCNPX for Neutronic Calculation of PWR Core"
  7. Mike Susmikanti (PPIN), "Prediction Dispersion Nuclear Fuels U-Mo in Al-Si Alloy Matrix Using Artificial Neural Network Modeling"
  8. Anik Purwaningsih (PPIN), "Simulation of Dose Distribution for Iridium-192 Type- H01 with MCNPX"
  9. Suwardi (PTBN), "Power ramp Test Design for BATAN Fuel Pin Prototype-1 for PWR and Prediction of its Resistance to PCI-SCC"
  10. Bernardus Bandriyana (PTBIN), "The Effect of b-Quenching on the Hydride Formation Behavior Of Zr-2,5% Nb-0,5%Mo at High Temperature In Hydrogen Environment"
  11. Abu Khalid Rivai (PTBIN), "Corrosion Resistance Characteristic of 24Cr-2Si Ferritic Steel in Liquid Lead-Bismuth Eutectic at 550°C"
  12. Evvy Kartini (PTBIN), "Neutron Scattering Study on Cathode LiMn2O4 and Solid Electrolyte 5(Li2O)(P2O5)"
  13. Edwaren Liun (PPEN), "Investment Cost Estimation of HVDC Transmission System of Bangka's NPPs"
  14. Edwaren Liun (PPEN), "Shift of Energy Demand Pattern in Indonesia for the Next Several Decades".
Penyaji makalah No. 1 dan 2 tidak jadi datang.

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