Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bouncing Milis di Webmail Server

Untuk menghapus bouncing, masuk ke milis administration, lalu pilih menu "Tend to pending moderator requests", centang "Discard all messages marked Defer", lalu klik "Submit All Data".

Bounce processing Section

Bounce detection sensitivity
Should Mailman perform automatic bounce processing? (Details for bounce_processing)

The maximum member bounce score before the member's subscription is disabled. This value can be a floating point number. (Details for bounce_score_threshold)
The number of days after which a member's bounce information is discarded, if no new bounces have been received in the interim. This value must be an integer. (Edit bounce_info_stale_after)
How many Your Membership Is Disabled warnings a disabled member should get before their address is removed from the mailing list. Set to 0 to immediately remove an address from the list once their bounce score exceeds the threshold. This value must be an integer. (Edit bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings)
The number of days between sending the Your Membership Is Disabled warnings. This value must be an integer. (Edit bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval)