Monday, July 15, 2013

FEMAXI-6 (Ver.1)

JAEA-Data/Code 2005-003

Light Water Reactor Fuel Analysis Code
FEMAXI-6 (Ver.1)
-Detailed Structure and User’s Manual-

Motoe SUZUKI and Hiroaki SAITOU*

Reactor Safety Research Unit
Nuclear Safety Research Center
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken

(Received December 14, 2005)

A light water reactor fuel analysis code FEMAXI-6 is an advanced version which has been produced by integrating the former version FEMAXI-V with numerous functional improvements and extensions. In particular, the FEMAXI-6 code has attained a complete coupled solution of thermal analysis and mechanical analysis, enabling an accurate prediction of pellet-clad gap size and PCMI in high burnup fuel rods. Also, such new models have been implemented as pellet-clad bonding and fission gas bubble swelling, and linkage function with detailed burning analysis code has been enhanced. Furthermore, a number of new materials properties and parameters have been introduced. With these advancements, the FEMAXI-6 code has been upgraded to a versatile analytical tool for high burnup fuel behavior not only in the normal operation but also in anticipated transient conditions.

This report describes in detail the design, basic theory and structure, models and numerical method, improvements and extensions, and method of model modification.

In order to facilitate effective and wide-ranging application of the code, formats and methods of input/output of the code are also described, and a sample output in an actual form
is included.

Keywords: LWR Fuel, FEM Analysis, Transient, Pellet, Cladding, Fission Gas Release, PCMI, Burn-up

*) CRC Solutions, Corp.

Note : 421 pages of manual

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