Monday, October 21, 2013

Regional Workshop on Clustering for High Performance Computing, Bandung, 2-6 December 2013


Nowadays, high performance computing (HPC) is the standard tool for modern researches in any fields. It plays an important role in not only the fundamental researchers, but also in many applied sciences. The needs of highly complex and time consuming scientific and applied problems require more computing power and capacity. Therefore, the skills and knowledges on clustering and parallel system to realize a cost effective HPC system are getting important.

The South-East Asia region is known as among the fastest growing region in the world, in terms of economic and science and technology as well. One could be foreseen the role of HPC to contribute for a sustainable development of the countries in the region. Providing young scientists and engineers from the region the opportunity to get basic knowledge on HPC and its related aspects would be beneficial for the region in terms of developing the human resources.


The workshop is the first one of a series of ICTP-BATAN-LIPI workshops on HPC. The current workshop aims to provide basic skills to realize a cost effective clustering system based on the Linux environment. The workshop consists of tutorials and hands-on training to provide a basic knowledge of installing, administering and tuning parallel environment on a cluster computer.


The lectures cover tutorials on the basic of parallel computer, some related issues and its general solutions. Each lecture is followed by hands-on training to install the based-system and parallel environment from the scratch, to administer the users and their jobs, and to tune the system for better performance.


Young scientists and engineers, post-graduate students from all Asian countries who (already or plan to) work with any type of cluster computers are welcome to apply. The school will be conducted in English and hence participants should have an adequate working knowledge of this language. The participants are also required to already be familiar with Linux environment.

There is no registration fee. Travel and subsistence expenses of the participants should be borne by the home institution. Limited funds are available for partial support of travel expenses for a few participants. Accommodation for foreign participants in a guest house including meals are provided by the organizers.

Prof. Ivan Girotto (ICTP)
Dr. Axel Kohlmeyer (ICTP)
Dr. Moreno Boricevic (ICTP)
Dr. LT. Handoko (LIPI)
Dr. Hermawan Dipojono (ITB)
Dr. Pekik Nurwantoro (UGM)
Dr. Anastasia Tisiana (KKP)

Mr. Hendriyanto Haditjahyono (PUSDIKLAT-BATAN)

Application Deadline : 31 October 2013

Telephone: +6221 7659409 ~ 7659410;
Telefax: + 6221 7659408
E-mail: or

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